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Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden

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Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 DRAKE Marta Arvidsdotter  Abt 1530Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8267 Royal Family of Europe 
2 HAKANSDOTTER (HAND) Gertrud  Abt 1515Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8303 Royal Family of Europe 
3 HAKANSDOTTER (TUN) Christina  Abt 1478Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8300 Royal Family of Europe 
4 HAKANSSON (HAND) Knut  Abt 1517Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8230 Royal Family of Europe 
5 HAND Anna Knutsdotter  Abt 1565Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8154 Royal Family of Europe 
6 HAND Arvid Knutsson Drake  Abt 1553Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8268 Royal Family of Europe 
7 HAND Beata Knutsdotter  1 Apr 1563Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8149 Royal Family of Europe 
8 HAND Bengt Knutsson  Abt 1559Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8263 Royal Family of Europe 
9 HAND Christina Knutsdotter  Abt 1567Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8146 Royal Family of Europe 
10 HAND Knut Knutsson  Abt 1569Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8273 Royal Family of Europe 
11 HAND Lars Knutsson  Abt 1561Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8174 Royal Family of Europe 
12 KNUTSDOTTER (HAND) Brita  Abt 1565Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8286 Royal Family of Europe 
13 PEDERSSON (HAND) Hakan  Abt 1470Of Attorp, Sam, Alvsborg, Sweden I8299 Royal Family of Europe 
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